WITHHOUT PREVIOUS CONTCACTING OUR PRACTISE_DO NOT ENTER – for important matters you will get an appointment
    from now on sickleave can be handled via telephone Tel 01/5861403
to order:
  • how do you get your prescription?
You will get your prescriptions
  • with printing options:
    • per e-mail or
    • WhatsApp Foto
  • all others​​
    • we will send prescription to your nearest pharmacy online or
    • by post
    • if none of above is possible, you can get it in our practise
only in case of Urgency/Emergency with calling us prior to visit
if you feal ill and you suspect it to be possibly Corona related, call 1450
for general informations related to corona, call 0800 555 621
please stay safe, take care and protect your beloved ones. Also please help us to protect us doctors to be able to provide care for the ones in need
your Team doctor am Naschmarkt
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